"Yes" Begets "Yes"

Join Rev. Bri-anne as she describes one night this week when East End United offered shelter to nearly 100 asylum seekers — something Black Churches have been doing all day, every day, since the summer.  How does "yes" beget "yes"?

Scripture: John 6:1-14 Jesus Feeds the 5000

Music: Wade in the Water by the Antioch Mass Choir

About Toronto's Refugee Crisis

These Black churches came to the rescue amid Toronto’s African refugee crisis. Now they say governments abandoned them
August 25, 2023 — The Toronto Star

Hundreds of asylum seekers, refugees forced to leave Toronto church for other shelter
September 1, 2023 — CBC News

Asylum seekers are sleeping on Toronto streets again. How did we end up here?
October 6, 2023 — CBC News

East End United Regional Minsitry is an Affirming (🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ positive) community of faith, part of the United Church of Canada in Toronto.

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Thanksgiving Sunday, 2023
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Rev. Bri-anne Swan
Rev. Bri-anne Swan
Minister at East End United Regional Ministry, United Church of Canada
"Yes" Begets "Yes"
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